• People - our greatest and most important assets

    We firmly believe that our people are our greatest assets, and that a diverse workforce is key to achieving success. 

    People, training and diversity are key factors in executing the overall business and sustainability strategy. Ensuring personal development, diverse organization and equal opportunities are key priorities.

Next generation oil and gas operators on the NCS

Vår Energi represents the next generation oil and gas operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS).  Our 900 employees work at our offshore fields and onshore office locations. Our headquarters are at Forus outside Stavanger, with branch offices in Hammerfest and Oslo.

We operate fields in the Barents Sea, the Norwegian Sea and the North Sea, and will continue to explore, develop and produce value through our portfolio.

Vår Energi is one of the largest exploration and production (E&P) companies on the NCS, and we will become even bigger. At the same time, we promise that greenhouse gas emissions from our operations will be close to zero in 2050.

We take industry leadership in continuously improving our carbon footprint and introducing low carbon technologies. Responsible operations and contribution to the transition: Two thoughts in mind.